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Yuri to Yuto

  • For Yuto, whatever he does, he will do it completely in discipline. I think when he is trying to do seriously that is so great. During time we were be high school student, we had been together almost everyday. I think it is a good point to set our relationship up. Whenever we were together we feel very comfortable. Basically I am person who would like someone to take care of me and there was the period of time that Yuto had to look after someone like me also ( laugh)


Yuto to Yuri

  • He is a person who does seriously and be enthusiastic to learning. However if there aren’t attacted him, he’ ll pay no attention though (laugh) When we were high school together. If he disliked to do something, he won’t do at all. He had also ever come out against it but recently seems like it has disappeared already. He probably kept in mind the things such a endurable situations well. I think that is so great. Looking him as older ppl even though we are same age like this, please forgive me! ( laugh)

  • translated by M.hezno  <thanks to my lovely sis for translation.XD>
JFC no.23


  • Reporting Chinen’s situation by Yuto
    Chinen, he usually talks strange stories and makes me laugh often. After that he expessed through his face and said like a “Is it hilarious?”. For sure I couldn’t. If I laughed in the end he would highly pleased like a “hey hey!”. For me, both of stories and Chinen’s face make me laugh twice as much.
  • Reporting Yuto’s situation by Chinen 
    This summer he is always naked in public…ah! nah.. what should I say properly, that is swimwear (laugh) and also training muscle. During the time he was pushing up and down with his whole weight, I teased him laugh out and then his strength would vanish desperately and fell down along with floor in the end. Even though I was complained that ”It’s enough" but that is the most funny!

  • translated by M.hezno  <thanks to my lovely sis for translation.XD>